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Manechin hewan nemathelminthes, Cikk, tanulmány, mű


    Recommended Articles The present study investigated the vertical distribution of intertidal benthic manechin hewan nemathelminthes in different periods of the year, relating them to environmental variables tide, air temperature, wave height and period on a breakwater zone on the northern coast of Rio de Janeiro State.

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    Quadrats of cm2 were superposed along four vertical profiles and sampled by a photoquadrat method. A seasonal difference was identified in the degree of air exposure, which was higher in October and February Air temperature and wave height and periodicity differed significantly among the four studied periods. Some species occurred only in one period as Fissurella clenchi in July and OctoberGracilaria domingensis in JulyGrateloupia sp.

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    Species richness and diversity values were higher in the intermediary quadrats in all the studied periods. The intermediate benthic strip occupied a narrower zone, changing its spatial location according to the season of the year: in May it was closer to the lower zone, in July and October it occupied an intermediate position, and in February it was nearest to the upper quadrats.

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    The hypothesis of intra-annual variation of the benthic community distribution according to the seasonal variability of tides, air temperatures, wave height and periodicity was accepted for the intermediate strip of the intertidal zone, related to taxonomic differences and on the abundance of dominant species considering the four studied seasons.