A papillomaviridae


    DOI: Although human papillomavirus HPV has been suggested to play a role, reports concerning the effect of HPV infection on tumour development are controversial.

    a papillomaviridae

    Recently, transfusion transmitted virus TTV a papillomaviridae suggested to play a role in certain infections as a causative or coinfecting agent. Aims: To investigate whether the development and progression of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma is associated with coinfection with TTV and HPV. Methods: The prevalence of TTV and HPV was investigated using the polymerase chain reaction in tissue samples from 40 healthy individuals, 10 patients with recurrent papillomatosis, five patients with papillomatosis with malignant transformation, and 25 patients with laryngeal carcinoma.

    The obtained prevalence data were compared and analysed statistically.

    a papillomaviridae

    Results: In the 11 patients with carcinoma who had metastasis or relapse there was a high rate of coinfection with genogroup 1 TTV and HPV eight of 11whereas in the 14 without tumour progression no coinfection was found. Furthermore, four of five patients who had papillomatosis with malignant transformation were coinfected with genogroup 1 TTV and HPV.

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    a papillomaviridae